//Welcome to the Virginia Freedom Caucus Online News Outlet!

Welcome to the Virginia Freedom Caucus Online News Outlet!

City Hall

The Virginia Freedom Caucus holds our elected officials and party leaders accountable to the values of our conservative movement. We are dedicated to the principles of transparency, accountability, and the rule of law. We encourage open discussion and dialog that exposes deception and fraud throughout our party and within our legislation. Hopefully, each of you will become inspired to help us improve Virginia with the time-tested successful free enterprise system.

Revealing the false narrative that defeats the will of the citizen and undermines their decision must stop.  Our government on every level takes advantage of controlling what information is disseminated and limits a fair assessment of the same. From City Council, Board of Supervisors, School Boards, and our Federal Government, Virginia Freedom Caucus will show you how to understand budgets and how to follow the money. We want to train, educate, and mobilize you to understanding the process of the party structure and legislative system.

Join us in the fight to restore our Republic.


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Waverly Woods
I became an activist when Barack Obama became president. I joined the Republican Party and many conservative groups looking for a way to restore our Republic with no prevail until the TEA Party. I am blessed with one son that was born and raised in Virginia as I was. I consider Virginia my Tara and make no apologies about how I will fight to save it.