//Ed Gillespie’s Campaign Platform. EG = Egad

Ed Gillespie’s Campaign Platform. EG = Egad

It should make every Conservative shake their head in dismay and disgust or just puke.

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I wasn’t going to support Fast Eddie to represent Virginia in the U.S. Senate for my own reasons (https://jatticus.wordpress.com/2014/01/10/fast-eddie-gillespie-hustles-virginia/).  Then, today, I get this insulting email about EG = EG.  It’s Ed’s campaign platform. EG = Egad!

Every delegate to the Republican Convention this weekend should read it. Please.

It should make every Conservative shake their head in dismay and disgust or just puke.

It’s like a Bob Dole, John McCain or Mitt Romney platform – just more banal, big government, and weaker than anything they would do. It has 5 points.

1. Replacing Obamacare. “I will vote to replace Obamacare with a real reform plan that puts patients first and provides more affordable options.” Ed won’t repeal Obamacare. He will replace Obama’s big Federal Government socialized medicine scheme with his big Federal Government medicine. Ed supported Romneycare –the model for Obamacare. We need a Senator to get the Feds out of healthcare, not change the labels on the bottles of quack’s poison.

2. Unleashing American Energy. Ed is for more energy. That’s nice. I can’t see the mobs fighting to get to the polls in November because this is such a wedge issue with Mark Warner.

3. Tax and Regulatory Relief. Cut corporate taxes. Good. “Ease the tax burden on individuals and families.” Does that mean a tax cut? How much? Repeal some regulations. Congressional review is for new regulations. How does the Senate do anything about all the existing regulations?

4. Education Reform. “I will work to make it easier for states to establish new charter schools, foster innovation, and ensure that our children are given the tools they need to succeed. Every child deserves a high-quality education, which is why I’ll work tirelessly to empower parents to make the educational choices that are in their children’s best interests. Opportunity is enhanced by competition and choice, which is why I support public schools, charter schools, private and parochial schools, magnet schools, and home schooling, and support school choice programs that help ensure that all families have access to meaningful educational options.” Huh? Read those wasted words again.

This is unbelievable. These issues are for the General Assembly in Richmond. Is he clueless or does he think Virginians are stupid? Get Ed a copy of the Virginia Constitution. Education is Virginia’s job, not Washington. Nothing the Federal Government does in DC improves education in the Commonwealth. If this is Ed’s platform, then he needs to run for the General Assembly. Ed should read the U.S. Constitution too – and get the Feds out of education.

5. Cutting Wasteful Spending and Balancing the Budget. We must “rein in reckless federal spending.” Cut the rate of growth? Ed doesn’t say he will actually cut spending. He doesn’t say reform Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, and Medicaid.

Not the stuff of Patrick Henry.

Certainly not a threat to Mark Warner.

Nothing about restoring the Constitution or American military and naval power.

Nothing about the Senate’s duty to enforce checks and balances on out of control Judicial and Executive abuse of power.

Nothing specific on cutting taxes or entitlements.

Nothing on enforcing our borders – and preventing amnesty.

Nothing on protecting life and marriage – where they are federal issues.

No big vision. No unifying purpose. No focus.

More big government – under Establishment Republican management. More Federal government doing what Virginia should do.

Not the right stuff to win in November. Seriously, this drivel makes Ed electable in Virginia? Ed’s money machine can’t sell insipid. More money won’t make a dog that “don’t hunt” – hunt.

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