//Rolling With The Numbers

Rolling With The Numbers


These are the blue collar workers that struggle pay check to pay check and must be relieved of the tax burdens that kill our small businesses.


All campaigns had filing deadlines at midnight last nightSo what do these numbers tell you? Of course the obvious, who has the most money on hand. One can look a bit deeper to see where the money came from. Was it all big lobbying elite? Was it special interest that will gain from Private Public Partnerships (PPP)? You could see if it was the hard earned dollars of the average Joe, the working class often referred to as the grassroots. The small contributions are from the folks that work for a living and are the backbone of this great country.

When searching for the money trail in Virginia, look no further than VPAP.org. Check how and who each candidate receives contributions.


Governors race. Ed Gillespie for Governor, Denver Riggleman for Governor, Corey Stewart for Governor, and Frank Wagner for Governor.


Let’s look at the Lieutenant Governor’s race. Glenn Davis for Lt Governor, Bryce Reeves for LT Governor, and Jill Vogel for LT Governor.


Lastly, Attorney General’s race. John Adams for Attorney General, Chuck Smith for Attorney General.

The perception is, he with the most wins the prize. That’s not always true. Not too far off, history has been made. David beating Goliath 200k compared to 5 million with Dave Brat vs Eric Cantor.  A lil ole Virginia Beach boy named John Moss aka “Who is John Galt”, took on all the money machine elites to victory with only 18k.

What does that tell you? The grassroots can win.

Yes, it’s much harder hill to climb with few financial resources but it can be done. With the right message, ground game, and a candidate that the people can believe in.

I was and still am very proud to support Dave Brat for congress. He has done a fine job of listening to his constituents. He even listens to me and I don’t live in his district lol. I am even more proud of the folks that came from all over to help David defeat Goliath. Those were the grassroots, the working class, the very taxpayers that carry the heavy loads that hold our country together.

The same can be said about the grassroots in Virginia Beach. We have a great candidate with John Moss and we rallied behind him to victory, twice. John doesn’t want tainted money. He says “I don’t want to owe them anything”. How’s that for integrity. What you see is what you get with John. He votes the way he speaks. No double talk, not one way on camera and then another on the council. “Limited government and free enterprise, is the only way to have true capitalism,” John regales to us often.

Make sure the candidate you support will do as these gentlemen do, listen to the people that carry the heaviest loads.

For full transparency, I have publicly endorsed Corey Stewart for Governor and Jill Vogel for Lieutenant Governor. Both have different campaign check books but are equal with the most smaller donations. Those contributions define how many “We The People” actually trust that the candidate will do as they say. That, when elected, will not betray the very people that put their faith in them. The grassroots are the people that fight every day to restore our Republic.

These are the blue collar workers that struggle pay check to pay check and must be relieved of the tax burdens that kill our small businesses.

The mom and pop shops that get the trickle down tax hikes are struggling to keep the doors open. Think about them when you send any of these candidates to Richmond.

Drain the Swamp Don’t drink From It.

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