//Democrat Introduces Bicycle DUI Bill

Democrat Introduces Bicycle DUI Bill

Senator George Baker (D, district 39) has introduced legislation making it a class 2 misdemeanor for riding a bicycle on a Virginia state highway while intoxicated. This markedly stupid waste of legislative energy will hopefully die a swift death in Transportation Committee, where it was just assigned.

Read the actual bill: here

Driving drunk is totally uncool. Like, jean jackets and fanny packs uncool. Yet a self-powered 30lb Schwinn? Might I remind Mr. Baker that his own party champions bike paths and funding for bike riding initiatives, while also encouraging dense mixed-use urban development (i.e. yuppy wine bars and craft breweries)?

Look at most college kids these days, after being bludgeoned to death by tuition hikes, all they can afford is a bike. And it increases public safety! I wish everyone at the bar rode home on a bike! They could crash into a tree; ride into a ditch or fly over the moon with a freak in rubber-necked alien in their bread basket! You know what they’re not doing? Hurdling 4,000 lbs of steel death at innocent drivers!

I personally ride to bars in Virginia Beach on my beach cruiser, and believe me I’m busy, I could save 15-20 minutes by driving my car. I ride my bike so I don’t have to worry about the next drink being one too many. Let’s show some common sense, Virginia.

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