//Who Will Fight For Life?

Who Will Fight For Life?

So the question remains when do the exceptions end and life begins?

As most of you are well aware of January 27, 2017, marked the 43rd Annual March for Life. This event is pretty huge and many pro-life conservatives attended and marched in support of ending abortions. The turnout may have been more than most media wanted to admit. Our President Trump was even recorded informing ABC that the people in this march feel the media won’t cover the event in DC by MRCTV.

This has sparked an even deeper feud between two of the gubernatorial candidates running for governor, Corey Stewart, and Ed Gillespie. For many conservatives, this is a no-brainer. Either you are pro-life or you’re not.

Corey Stewart called out Ed Gillespie for being a bit squishy on his pro-life position. The question before both men is would they sign House Bill 1473? The bill if signed by the next governor would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act acknowledges a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks gestation. This bill is before the General Assembly which is currently in session.

Corey Stewart has made public his position by stating, “Every life is precious and needs to be protected. It is our duty as elected officials to protect those who cannot protect themselves. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is only a start.”

Ed Gillespie said, “As governor, I would support and sign pain-capable legislation to ban late-term abortions after an unborn child can feel pain, with exceptions for cases involving the life of the mother, rape or incest. Protecting innocent human life is a central function of our government.”

When I spoke with the National Republican Committeewoman of Virginia, Cynthia Dunbar, she was appalled. She said, “this is a part of our party platform. We are pro-life and pro-family. There are no exceptions.”

She added, “it appears Virginia republican office holders and candidates need to take the time to read the Republican Platform to actually learn what is in it. Many of them seem to be aligning more with groups like Equality Virginia, VEA and ACLU than they are with our Platform. This includes not only HB1473, which all real Republicans should support, but also HB1612, and HB1605.

If our Republicans voted like Republicans these bills would all be voted out of committee. Unfortunately, they’re not. Conversely, other bills would never see the light of day. Bills like SB783 and SB822 are in direct opposition to our Platform. For these bills to pass, we’d need Republicans willing to carry Obama’s and Mcauliffe’s water. Surely none of them would do that…but they did.”

She ended with “life is the most basic right, and one we must protect as Republicans. The Platform clearly underscores our belief in the inalienable right to life and our strong support for the enactment of pain-capable legislation. Candidates with an R behind their name should all be supporting HB1473, no exceptions, pun intended.

When I first met Craig Johnson I knew nothing of his life except he had a radio show and lived in Virginia. As I got to know him he disclosed his personal story. He, in fact, is a product of rape. Craig’s mother is an African-American and his father is caucasian.

Craig explained that rape was shameful at that time and victims became outcast. His mother refused an abortion and kept her innocent child. He asked, “what would I be if my mother was not brave?” He paused and said, “dead”. Craig Johnson is an awesome man and not ashamed of his life, a husband, father, professional, and well educated. He is proud of his mother and grateful for her choice.

Robin Hill is another amazing example of what it truly means to be pro-life. If you haven’t heard her story I’ll regale you now. Her husband Shak Hill, told me this story when running against Ed Gillespie for the senate. Robin was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. She was also brave and chose life. Their child is a grown man now with a great future ahead of him. Robin is doing great too.

Robin’s comments were, “I am appalled that someone who is supposed to be a man of faith, does not even accept the science of when life begins. It is now known and irrefutable that the unborn child has his own DNA, his own heartbeat, his own blood, fingerprints and brain activity – separate than the mothers. How Ed could not even support the Personhood Bill is beyond me.”

But after all, he did say he would govern, “setting aside what the teachings of my (Catholic) faith are.” Robin quoted Ed Gillespie’s statement to Mark Warner during their debate for senate. Then said, “Really? Then exactly what belief system is Ed going to govern with?”

There are numerous stories of brave women choosing life over an abortion. Why as conservatives do be run away from our beliefs? Why do we claim to be pro-life but continue to elect those that have exceptions? Why would we condemn candidates that actually choose life, not exceptions?

So the question remains when do the exceptions end and life begins?

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