//When Fiery Rhetoric Becomes Arson

When Fiery Rhetoric Becomes Arson

At what point is it akin to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater?

I am a 1st amendment absolutist. Free speech is free speech is free speech. I am also aware of slander and public endangerment. I always assumed our public officials were aware of the laws too. Apparently, my assumptions betray me.

One day after ‘Smilin’ Timmy Kaine raised the specter of ‘fighting Republicans in the streets’ a gay man was beaten within inches of his life in the streets of Austin, Texas. His crime? You guessed it. Being a Trump Supporter.

Berkley “students” parade their idiocy on camera, setting fires and attacking a defenseless woman with pepper spray. Her crime? You guessed it. Not thinking like them.

These wretched provocations are now the lone feckless tool of a defeated ideology. Three Virginia Congressmen  Donald McEachin, Gerry Connolly, and Don Beyer. just boycotted a presidential inauguration that even a hobbled Jimmy Carter found a way to attend. Their reasons, as stated in their phony press conferences, was a typical slander of the right as ‘hateful, racist, bigoted’ and a characterizing Trump as the devil himself.

Let us be absolutely clear; these 3 congressmen along with little Timmy Kaine are cowards. They are barely worth wasting space on this column for their names. They would rather have impressionable youths in a time of bitterness, angst, and confusion that they helped foment, perform their dirty work. God forbid they actually work on legislation or hold town halls with their constituents.

Anyone here familiar with local Republican Field Director and activist Scott Ryan Pressler knows the left’s hatred for those that wander ‘off the plantation.’ You see the left thinks they own certain identity groups. Scott is a gay Republican. When Scott came out as gay, it wasn’t a huge deal. When Scott came out as a Trump supporter, he received death threats. On Twitter, he was recently told by a Hillary supporter that ‘I hope ISIS throws you off a building’.

Here is the article I wrote this summer about Scott being assaulted by the left. I warned you, it is not for the squeamish. At what point does the left’s character assassination become actual assassination?

At what point is it akin to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater?

Am I being too harsh? Not by their standards. It wasn’t too long ago that the Tea Party was being accused of things they had absolutely nothing to do with. Will the left remember their scurrilous accusations of using language to incite violence? Don’t hold your breath.


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