//McAuliffe Administration Puts Virginians At Risk

McAuliffe Administration Puts Virginians At Risk

Woodbridge, VA – Republican candidate gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart released a statement today condemning Richmond Mayor Stoney’s and Governor Terry McAuliffe’s lawless administrations for and putting Virginians at risk.

“Governor McAuliffe’s and Mayor Stoney’s brazen lawlessness is putting Virginians at risk, and they should be stopped at once,” Stewart said.

“In Prince William County we’re working to protect Virginians. Meanwhile, liberals like Mayor Stoney and Governor McAuliffe are putting Virginians at risk,” said the Republican.

“During the last 8 years of the Obama administration, we’ve had to fight an uphill battle to end violent crime perpetrated by illegals,” continued Stewart. “Criminals who have broken our laws twice do not belong on our streets.”

Stewart’s made the comments in response to Mayor Stoney’s declaration of Richmond as a Sanctuary City, calling on the city’s law enforcement to refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and to disregard immigration status of illegal immigrants.

The top job of the executive branch is to enforce the law, but we have a lawless executive,” Stewart said. “Now that the Trump administration is in charge of the federal government, we are motivated to take our crack down on these criminal aliens the next level,” said Stewart.

“We must work hard to bring law and order back to Virginia after 8 years of Obama and 4 of McAuliffe,” concluded Stewart.

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