//Squishy Bryce Reeves Declines to Fight For Life, Against Tax Hikes

Squishy Bryce Reeves Declines to Fight For Life, Against Tax Hikes

Protecting innocent human life is among the most important duties of our government. The right to life is recognized in our nation’s founding documents. In politics, this critical issue is even a part of the Republican platform, which stands for life in no uncertain terms.

Politicians have a bad habit of getting squishy on life when they have ambitions of higher office or worry about what progressives in the media might say, as though feelings and image should take priority over the lives of the unborn.

We have allowed this behavior to become normal when politicians see life as a second-tier issue, one which is negotiable during tough years. Life should not be on the second tier. Conservatives are tired of being told to sit down and shut up when we insist that our legislators be bold about protecting the unborn.

It appears election year squishiness has gotten the better of Bryce Reeves.

Despite campaigning on a pro-life platform, Reeves declined to co-patron HB 1473, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, until the bill was already dead when the House refused to give it a hearing.

HB 1473 is dead for the year because the House declined to take it up. On this critical issue, too few were willing to fight. Now, the horrific barbarity of late-term abortion will continue unimpeded in Virginia for another year.

This squishiness has become a problem with Bryce Reeves ever since he set his sights on higher office.

Earlier this week Senator Frank Wagner’s gas tax hike bill came up for a vote in the Senate. 12 Republicans opposed it and 7 Republicans joined with Democrats to raise taxes on drivers in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads to generate more revenue to waste on transit projects.

Rather than stand with taxpayers, Reeves took a walk and chose not to vote against Wagner’s gas tax hike.

What is he thinking? Trying to get in the good graces of establishment interests which support higher taxes for Metro and light rail?

When it comes to defending life and fighting tax hikes, Virginia needs conservative leaders with bravery. Getting squishy on core issues to go-along-to-get-along is why we are in the mess we are in.

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