//Did We Really Expect Scott Taylor To Repeal?

Did We Really Expect Scott Taylor To Repeal?

What you can count on from Congressman Scott Taylor, Just One Big Selfy! What happened to a full REPEAL?



Dear America,

Last night, House Republicans revealed the text of their long-anticipated American Health Care Act. Unfortunately, this proposal does little to fix the massive issues created by Obamacare or to lower the costs of healthcare for the average American.

The new House Republican proposal not only accepts the flawed progressive premises of Obamacare, but it expands upon them.

For seven years, Republican lawmakers have campaigned on the promise of full repeal. The American people elected a Republican House, Senate, and White House to ensure this promise was kept. For most people in the individual market, there would be no significant difference between the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the new American Health Care Act proposed by Republicans.

This is bad politics and, more importantly, bad policy.

If Republicans move forward with this bill, they will be accepting the flawed premise of Obamacare. Instead, they should fully repeal the failed law and begin a genuine effort to follow through on their seven year promises to create a free market health care system.

You have fought with us for years to ensure that Republicans repeal Obamacare. Now it is up to us to ensure they do not fail to follow through on their promises and embrace this new proposal.

The fight is not done yet. Call your lawmaker today and tell them this bill is not acceptable. And then remind them, they already have a plan to move forward: the 2015 Repeal Obamacare package that they can pass with 51 votes through the reconciliation process. Make the call today.


Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America

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