//Corey Stewart Wins Virginia Freedom Caucus Straw Poll

Corey Stewart Wins Virginia Freedom Caucus Straw Poll

Virginia Freedom Caucus held an online straw poll for the next Governor of Virginia. This poll determined how the grassroots activist would give their support in the gubernatorial races for 2017.  As most political insiders know the grassroots are the backbone of any campaign. They make the calls and knock the doors. The establishment bet on buying the election and never really lowering themselves to actually mingle with the minions.

In the year of Trump, the blue-collar grassroots activist made a big statement, enough! In the online poll, these very same people wanted to prove that they indeed have had enough. It became a wildfire of supporters in a furry to make their voice heard of giving the support to the candidate of choice.

Here are the results:

Corey Stewart  124

Denver Riggleman   96 (has withdrawn from race)

Ed Gillespie    27

Other   3

Frank Wagner   2



Michelle Rilee on the right

Michelle Rilee said she cast her vote for Corey Stewart because “He (Corey Stewart) went out of this way to support Trump. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t vote for him.” “Corey has proven to me he will fight for conservatives in Virginia and protect its citizens.” “When I had the opportunity to meet him, he was just the average guy. Corey is so easy to talk to.” “I intend to work just as hard for Corey Stewart as I did for Trump.” Michelle has been very active with the Virginia Beach Tea Party and aiding in the halt of light rail.

The question is will these same grassroots activist come together and mobilize?  Will they once again unite their efforts for the candidate of choice or settle for more of business as usual? June 13, 2017, is the primary and we shall all see. The message that keeps resonating is,

Drain The Swamp, Don’t Drink From It.

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Waverly Woods
I became an activist when Barack Obama became president. I joined the Republican Party and many conservative groups looking for a way to restore our Republic with no prevail until the TEA Party. I am blessed with one son that was born and raised in Virginia as I was. I consider Virginia my Tara and make no apologies about how I will fight to save it.