//Republican Candidate for Va Governor Corey Stewart-Will Drain and Clean-Up the Swamp!

Republican Candidate for Va Governor Corey Stewart-Will Drain and Clean-Up the Swamp!

You now have three Republican candidates left for Va Governor.

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Donna Widawski and I have lived in NoVa for over 50 years. I have been a Republican activist for 30 of those years. On Jan 5, 1981, I was appointed to the US Secret Service protecting newly elected President Ronald Reagan. At the time, the youngest gun carrying member of the US Secret Service. I had the privilege and honor of seeing President Reagan multiple times a day while serving inside the White House West Wing.

What I witnessed firsthand from President Reagan, is what a “real leader”  looks like and how he is supposed to act. Someone who was not afraid to challenge the status quo by taking on difficult and unpopular issues on behalf of the American people.Republican candidate for Va Governor Corey Stewart will not hesitate to challenge the status quo. He has already proven this fact with his leadership as Chairman of the PWC Board of Supervisors with the county’s illegal immigration mandate.

Recently, I was appointed by the Trump campaign as their volunteer lead for Prince William County. I lived for over 10 years in PWC prior to moving back into Fairfax recently.It was during those 10 years I witnessed once again what a real leader looks like in Republican candidate for Va Governor, PWC Chairman Corey Stewart.

In 2006, I was part of a small group of PWC residents on the western end of PWC who organized a group of over 300,000 citizens from 5 counties against Dominion Power. In a typical move on Dominion’s part, they attempted to introduce new transmission power lines over the holidays hoping to catch citizens off guard. Boy were they wrong!

With Chairman Stewart’s help and leadership we were able to prevent Dominion from crisscrossing ugly, and dangerous power lines over a Historic Black Church, the National Boys Scout Camp, schools, churches, farms, and gated communities. Corey Stewart continued this fight by speaking out along with Congressman Wolf, against a US Dept of Energy proposal to create and implement a National Electric Transmission Corridor that if passed would have usurped states rights in the placement of power lines.

Corey Stewart continues to fight Dominion Power on behalf of the citizens of PWC. This time over residents concerns with the poisoning of their good water on the eastern end of the county from Dominion’s Coal Ash Pond. While our own PWC members of the Va House of Delegates remained quiet as a mouse on this issue, Corey placed the safety of the citizens of PWC first and foremost!

For Dominion’s refusal to help pay for the excessive cost of testing the citizens well water, Corey publicly called out Dominion Resources as a “horrific corporate neighbor,” while Corey’s opponent, Ed Gillespie, calls Dominion Resources and its Board of Directors, “top corporate donors.” Do you really believe Corey’s opponent Ed Gillespie is going to prioritize the concerns of everyday folks over Dominion Resources after receiving large campaign donations starting with Dominion’s CEO Tom Farrell, all the way down to their lobbyist Jim Beamer, I don’t think so!

Corey Stewart understands that his utmost obligation as an elected official is the public’s safety. He once again demonstrated strong leadership skills by taking on the very unpopular and difficult issue of illegal immigration in 2007.I was there and saw firsthand what Corey and the PWCBOCS had to endure just by staying strong in pushing through our “Illegal Immigration” mandate in 2008. I spoke at every single citizen’s time just so Corey and the board would hear from supporters.

Corey courageously stood his ground against all the illegal immigrant apologists who were showing up at the board meetings to yell and call him horrific names to include, but not limited to, As these “Mexicans Without Borders” organization. Corey also stood strong even against death threats by gangs as the result of Corey’s strong leadership in leading the entire PWC BOCS to implement the “Illegal Immigration” mandate, PWC since 2008 has turned over to I.C.E over 7,500 criminal illegal aliens.

Corey Stewart last year as Chairman of the PWCBOCS introduce a resolution to do away with the cost of a concealed carry permit for county residents.Using his leadership skills once again, Corey was able to have the $50.00 permit fee reduced to $15.00, making it easier for gun owners to obtain a CC permit in PWC.

You now have three Republican candidates left for Va Governor.

Only one of them, Corey Stewart understands the complexities in governing. The establishment and large corporate donors are pumping money into Gillespie’s campaign because he is their choice for Va Governor.

You can count on Corey Stewart if presented with a strong illegal immigration enforcement measure as Virginia’s Governor, he would not hesitate to sign it. You can bet that if Gillespie is presented with the same scenario, he will first confer with his friends from the RNC and lobbyists from all the corporations whom he is receiving large campaign contributions from, and who also enjoy the benefits associated with cheap illegal immigrant labor. Afterwards, the measure will either be so watered down that it won’t even look like it’s original form or will be killed all together.

To conclude, like President Ronald Reagan, like President Donald Trump, Corey Stewart doesn’t have the support of Establishment Republicans. Corey Stewart will not be afraid to challenge the status quo by taking on difficult and unpopular issues such as illegal immigration and unlike his opponent, Corey Stewart has a public record that demonstrates his commitment to not only challenge the status quo, but to make law and order a priority.

Vote for Republican Corey Stewart for Virginia’s Governor. Corey Stewart will drain the swamp. His opponent Ed Gillespie will feed and grow the swamp if elected.

Donna Widawski

Fairfax Resident

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Donna Widawski
Former United States Secret Service Officer Reagan and Bush Administration PWC Volunteer Lead for the Donald Trump for President Campaign Republican grassroot activst in Va for over 30 years Former Campaign Manager Gainesville District Supervisor Former PWC BOCS appointee to the Public Safety Taskforce Former PWC BOCS appointee to the selection panel for the PWC new police chief Former Gainesville District Board Member PWC/Manassas Convention and Visitors Bureau Former Chair of the Security Task Force Beth El Hebrew Congregation Alexandria,Va Former Security Advisor to the CEO of Congressional Schools of Va.