//I Endorse Jill Vogel For Lieutenant Governor

I Endorse Jill Vogel For Lieutenant Governor

This is why I am supporting Jill Vogel for Lt Governor.

The primary race for Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor offers three seemingly highly competent and patriotic candidates, notwithstanding their divergent portrayals on stage, behind the scenes all have supported reducing regulation, cutting taxes and supporting constitutional rights.

Not all of these candidates have consistently represented the principles of constitutional liberty. As in sports, upon further review, some of their plays can be ruled ‘out of bounds’.

This is why I am supporting Jill Vogel for Lt Governor.

I know many of my colleagues are supporting Reeves or Davis. These are good men, they have served the Commonwealth well, however, some measures of leadership and principle are left to be desired.

Glen Davis supported expanding a tax tsunami of light rail proposals while serving as Virginia Beach Councilman, and also sponsored a bill expanding Medicaid as Delegate, and for these reasons alone I can never support Davis. Reeves, while a steady pro-business voice in the Senate, is also on the wrong side of History.

You see, Senator Reeves not only arduously imposes his Rockwellian vision of traditional families into legislation, unto which the government has no business in the first place, he furthermore clings to a discredited precept that prohibition and the ‘war on drugs’ works. Senator Reeves not only believes that marijuana, plant experts say is less harmful than alcohol, should be criminalized; he also believes farmers shouldn’t be able to grow hemp for industrial use. You can roll up a Cheech and Chong-size spliff of hemp – and guess what? It won’t do jack – it’s not a drug!

My cousin, who suffers from Brain Cancer and has had multiple surgeries, experiences pain and depression unlike most of you reading this article will ever be able to comprehend. The cannabis oil known as CBD offers her glimpses of relief between the misery, however, Mr. Reeves doesn’t think this should be legal.

Vogel, unlike Mr. Reeves, has introduced several bills allowing hemp production and CBD oil. More importantly, removing burdensome regulation that crushes small business is paramount to our success as a state. I created a poll on an FB page called Virginia Beach Republicans and nearly everyone agreed – and that’s a pro-Davis site! No other candidate has offered as many government rollback bills as Jill Vogel.

Mr. Reeve’s campaign has been overly concentrated on email drama. To me, this is a Red Herring.  Not only has nothing been proved, but it takes away from the issues. Anyone wonder why nothing came about from those subpoenas? If we can’t win on the issues, we have no business in politics. Jill is a pro-life, pro-second amendment fiscal conservative that can win in November. Reeves, although his qualities are appreciated, is best left in the Virginia Senate where we need him the most.

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Dylan Lloyd
Dylan (Bachelors in Journalism, Radford 2005) is a lifetime Virginia resident, liberty activist and amateur zombie hunter.