//Why a Lobbyist for Virginia?

Why a Lobbyist for Virginia?

Vote Corey Stewart for the next Governor for the people of Virginia, not Corporate America.

When deciding on a candidate for governor, one must decide what traits they feel strongly about. Since both the major republican candidates have experience in the political arena, let’s see what else we can find….

–Both Corey and Ed appear to be happily married and family men. Not a criteria, but can work against someone if not in a good relationship.

–Most of us are suspicious of lobbyists and support Trump’s new lobby policy. Ed started a business lobbying for large corporations. He actually lobbied for several big name corporate “slimeballs”. He and his partner took in 27.4 million in lobbying fees is their first 2 years.

–Suspicious with anyone with ties to the Clinton’s? Ed’s “partner in crime”, his copartner in the firm that lobbied for big business, was Clinton White House counsel Jack Quinn.

–At a time when emotions run strong regarding illegal immigration, it seems inconceivable that Ed’s firm lobbied for Tyson Foods for a mere $440,000 in 2002. They were to downplay the charges brought by the government involving conspiring to smuggle illegals into the US to work at poultry processing plants for lower wages than non-illegal workers made. They also represented Tyson Foods in a Labor Dept. a lawsuit involving 300 million owed as back pay to workers.

–Tired of big government, big business, and suppression of the average American trying to get ahead? Ed Gillespie has an impressive record of advocacy for the interests of Corporate America, and at the same time ignoring the needs of middle America, and increased the power of big business.

–Ed Gillespie’s firm was paid $700,000 in 2001 alone by Enron to lobby on the energy crisis and block efforts to re-regulate the Western electricity market through price controls. Before its collapse, the company also funneled money to a Gillespie-run group to buy national television ads promoting the president’s energy plan.

— Watch the video about Enron: HERE 

–Gillespie was a trusted supporter of Pres. Bush and used the business contacts from his personal lobbying firm to raise money to promote Bush’s agenda, thus triggering an ethics probe.

–His loyalty to both President Bush and Corporate America were well known and solid. But, what about the working class Americans and the poor? Do we want or need a Governor who has clearly shown where his priorities lie? Regardless of whether he still has his firm, or continues to lobby, the history and facts do not lie and demonstrate where his priorities will be if he were to become governor of Virginia. After all, when his appointment by Bush was completed, he returned to his lobbying firm.

Read about Ed Gillespie Lobbing for foreign governments: HERE

–Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain, and doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

–Therefore, it would seem that the decision is clear. While there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, doing thoughtful, unbiased research generally will expose the vulnerabilities, loyalties, and priorities that would be a major influence on how he would govern.

Vote Corey Stewart for the next Governor for the people of Virginia, not Corporate America.

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