//President Trump’s Action Against Syria Was The Right Thing!

President Trump’s Action Against Syria Was The Right Thing!

After 8 years we finally have a President who will listen to his military advisors.


This is simply my own personal opinion on why I agree with President Trump’s missile strike yesterday against Syria. It comes from the fact that my father was the former chemical biological warfare expert for the US during the Carter and Reagan administrations. He would brief not only MOC but the US Secret Service in ways the enemy could kill Americans and our President if they launched a chemical/ biological attack.

It was during those administrations my father had won the highest award given to a civilian by both the CIA and DIA for alerting our NATO allies to use of chemical weapons by Russia. I am telling you this because my father would tell me what he could about chemical weapons and he was always adamant that when a country deploys chemical weapons they must be dealt with immediately.

 My father briefed Members of Congress in a closed session back in the 70’s about a little-known dictator “Saddam Hussein” and his use of chemical weapons. I vividly remember my father coming home from work one day obviously upset. I asked him why he was so upset and he stated to me “Donna Congress just doesn’t get it!” I said get what?, they just don’t get the chemical/biological threat and the importance of keeping an eye on a dictator by the name of Saddam Hussein, they should be listening to Israel”. History tells us dictators like Hussein and Assad have to be dealt with immediately.

After 8 years we finally have a President who will listen to his military advisors.

So for me and my family, any effort to strike back at any country for a chemical attack is justified. I thank President Trump for taking a strong and decisively approach to dealing with Syria on this issue!

“Peace through strength”

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Donna Widawski
Former United States Secret Service Officer Reagan and Bush Administration PWC Volunteer Lead for the Donald Trump for President Campaign Republican grassroot activst in Va for over 30 years Former Campaign Manager Gainesville District Supervisor Former PWC BOCS appointee to the Public Safety Taskforce Former PWC BOCS appointee to the selection panel for the PWC new police chief Former Gainesville District Board Member PWC/Manassas Convention and Visitors Bureau Former Chair of the Security Task Force Beth El Hebrew Congregation Alexandria,Va Former Security Advisor to the CEO of Congressional Schools of Va.