//The Awakening Now Airing 5 Days a Week

The Awakening Now Airing 5 Days a Week

April 6, 2017
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E.W. Jackson Joins American Family Radio and Urban Family Talk as Daily Radio Talk Show Host

Washington, DC:  E.W. Jackson continues to expand his reach as a conservative commentator, recently joining American Family Radio as a daily talk show host from 10 to 11 AM (EST)  Monday through Friday. Jackson has a long history of experience in radio, having co-hosted Topic Religion, one of Boston’s most popular programs in the 1980’s. He managed his own gospel radio station for nine years during that same decade, doing commentary on local political issues. After that, he hosted a conservative versus liberal debate show called “Jackson and Jurkowitz” on one of Boston’s most powerful stations – WHDH.

In the 1990’s he hosted a national radio talk show called “Jackson Across America” on the Radio America network. He has now returned to a medium with which he is experienced as both a guest and host.

His new program is called “The Awakening with E.W. Jackson.” He combines religious, political and public policy commentary. Says Bishop Jackson, “My program covers top news stories of course, but our networks encourage discussions that you will not hear anywhere else because we do not shy away from the spiritual dimension,” says Bishop Jackson.

He has just published his second book – “12 Principles to Make Life Extraordinary,” a rewrite and expansion of his first book. He is expected to release a third this year – “Sweet Land of Liberty: Reflections of a Patriot Descended from Slaves.”

In addition to being on the radio and speaking extensively, he also writes at least two articles a month that are carried by numerous publications such as American Thinker, Western Journalism, Washington Times, The Stream, American Family Association’s The Stand and others. He does radio commentary for another conservative radio network and a conservative political action committee.

Having won the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor of Virginia four years ago, supporters are urging him to run again. Mr. Jackson responds, “It is humbling that fellow citizens want me to represent them in elected office and I don’t take it lightly. At this time, my life is quite full with running STAND, pastoring my church and fulfilling my many commitments, including informing and entertaining my audience as a radio talk show host.”


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