//Corey Stewart: When Bold Is Best

Corey Stewart: When Bold Is Best

Since the Virginia Republican tax increase of 2004, I’ve looked for a Conservative champion for our Commonwealth.  Ken Cuccinelli could have been him, but the android who ran using his name ended that quest.  I’ll settle for bold.  I support bold because weak never wins.  Corey Stewart is bold.  Fast Eddie Gillespie, despite the conservative positions he regurgitates today, is as weak as when he lost the last time.  Ed was the only one to lose in a Conservative tsunami election year.

The attacks on Corey are very personal, penetrating and petty.  It’s all about Corey’s flaws and failings.  The attacks on Ed are about principles and policy.  It’s all about his record as a money-man, professional pool and Establishment guy and his unwillingness to be brave on issues today.  Those criticisms say much about the candidates.

When Ed dodges the Transgender folly or cultural-cleansing of all things Confederate – saying they are local issues, Corey speaks up.

Where Ed is running in Virginia because it’s his address outside of Washington, Corey has served in local government where he makes his home in Virginia.  Neither were born here, nor was I – even though I have ancestral Virginia roots, but Corey established networks of family, church and business connections in Prince William County, not on K Street.

Corey let bold become brash – and learned a life lesson getting fired from the Trump campaign.  When did Ed ever stick his perfumed neck out?  Ever?  Name his bold stand.  Was it for apple pie or the American flag?

Corey has had his picture taken with Confederate battle flags in the background.  Ed would have the vapors if he got near anything Southern.  The Dems, dimwits, and Liberals who will use that against Corey in the general election were NEVER going to vote for Ed anyway.  The Republicans and Conservatives who accuse him of hijacking the issue – expose their own inability to understand that all of Virginia history belongs to all Virginians, new and old.  If our history only fits different groups of Virginians selectively, then our folks are playing the identity politics of the Left.  If Republicans reject historical correctness and pride in heritage to banish Confederate history, they are pathetic pawns of the Left preaching on the one way street of  Tolerance and Inclusiveness – which excludes Southerners, Christians and, increasingly so all Whites.

Corey will be vilified in the general election.  So, will Ed, again. 

My very conservative oldest daughter said she wouldn’t vote for Ed – last time – when she saw the attack ads on Ed’s record. What will be different this time?

Dear Conservative friends and colleagues of mine are on Ed’s team.  I don’t begrudge them their doomed choice.  But, I’m not buying Ed’s Conservative credibility.  I was on RPV State Central when Ed was pushing HB 3202 – the worst piece of legislation since Massive Resistance and declared unconstitutional by unanimous State Supreme Court decision.  He’ll be more conservative than the Dems.  A rock would be too.

Corey stood up against illegal immigration.  Corey will be bold.

The sainted Ronald Reagan made his signature speech about painting Conservativism with bold colors.  Corey Stewart is a bold leader.

Please vote for a bold Conservative, Corey Stewart, in the Republican primary on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

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James Atticus Bowden Poquoson, Virginia Former Chairman, 1st District, RPV Former Member, State Central Committee, RPV Former Chairman, Poquoson, RPV Speaker, from the first, April 15, 2009, Tea Party Rally