//Good Money After Bad.

Good Money After Bad.

Funding The Status Quo: Part II?

The City Manager emailed the following just a bit ago to share the open space projects he recommended instead of investing in protecting people’s homes and property from flooding.

I say nice but not necessary when the City Manager’s choice is not doing all we can do to address drainage issues.
Later I will post my reply to the City Manager.

Look at the list below, and you be judge through the eyes of a flood victim.

“Council Members

Returning the portion of funding in FY’18 to CIP 4-306 (Open Space Park Development & Maintenance) which are funds that will not be needed for the light rail project (around $2.7M annually) would be used for the capital maintenance and renovations at various park and open space properties. An additional $1.0M from CIP 4-506 (Parks Infrastructure Renewal & Replacement) is also proposed and would be transferred into CIP 4-306 for a total of $3.7M available for FY’18. The projects that would be funded in FY’18 include:
· Bayville Park Restroom Replacement ($400K)
· Lynnhaven Community Park Parking Lot Mill and Overlay ($250K)
· Redmill Farms Parking Lot Mill and Overlay ($250K)
· Woodstock Community Park Parking Lot Renovation and Maintenance ($600K)
· Pungo Ferry Landing Boat Ramp Replacement ($200K)
· Mt. Trashmore Parking Lot Resurfacing Phase I ($550K)
· Mt. Trashmore Dock Repair/Maintenance ($250K)
· Mt. Trashmore Skate Park Renovation/Maintenance ($350K)
· Mt. Trashmore Stair Replacement ($150K)
· Little Island Park Shelter Roof Replacements ($150K)
· 15% Contingency Reserve for above Projects ($550K)

In addition, a portion of current year funds in CIP 4-506 are proposed to fund an emergency bulkhead repair at the Lynnhaven Marina. CIP 4-506 would be closed out in FY’18 and a new CIP project (4-044) is proposed:
· Lynnhaven Marina Bulkhead Replacement ($1.3M)

Current projects that are under design, or beginning design and funded out of 4-306 (Open Space Park Development & Maintenance) are:
· Pleasure House Point Kayak Launch ($650K)
· Marshview Park ($1.75M)

Beyond FY’18, many maintenance, replacement and/or renovation projects are needed. With the restoration of the open space funds to P&R approximately $2.5M/yr. would be appropriated for these type of park infrastructure and renovation projects. Those projects potentially would include:
· Mt. Trashmore Parking Lot Resurfacing Phase II ($500K)
· Mt. Trashmore Kid’s Cove Parking Lot ($2.5M)
· Little Island Park Parking Lot Renovation Phase II ($1.5M)
· Little Island Park Parking Lot Renovation Phase III ($2.0M)
· Munden Point Park Restroom Replacement ($400K)
· Great Neck Park Restroom and Park Office Replacement ($600K)
· City View Park Renovations ($300K)
· Red Wing Park Renovations Phase II ($1.2M)
· Munden Point Park Parking Lot Resurfacing ($450K)
· Restroom/Park Office at Marshview Park ($350K)
· Various neighborhood park upgrades/renovations ($150K per site) (172 total sites)
· Shelter replacements at Community and Metro Parks ($50K each)
· City Ball field grading, drainage and safety improvements at PAAC, City View and other diamond fields ($45K per field)
· Pungo Ferry Landing Park additional improvements ($500K-$2.5M)
· New development at Three Oaks Park and Northlanding Park ($2-5M each)

Dave Hansen
City Manager
City of Virginia Beach

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