//Electing A Governor In Virginia

Electing A Governor In Virginia

I just read Gillespie’s 15 point plan to ensure fairness, accountability, integrity, transparency, and honesty in state government. Would we not all assume that our politicians are doing this routinely? If not, how would we know until the politician is in office? Because he states he would govern in this manner, one would presume his predecessors, particularly those endorsing him, have also behaved with the same principles.

Unfortunately, they have not. 

After reading all of his promises they seem to be nothing more than words with little if anything changing. Has Gillespie spoken against those in and out of office that have violated the public trust? Has he spoken out when fellow Republicans left its creed in every manner? Or has he been silent?

Gillespie receives endless money from the establishment and now wants to appear that he is not one of them. I don’t wish to only be critical of Ed but let’s face it there has not been any real change in Virginia’s governance in the last 50 years. And Gillespie was in party leadership during this time. All branches of government and the bureaucracy continue its growth both in size, budgets and regulations.

This office could reduce all of this but it ‘ain’t’ going to happen under Ed Gillespie. The best person running that I believe can make the changes necessary is Corey Stewart. I give Corey my full support and vote for the next Governor of Virginia.

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