Our Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) State Central Committee (SCC), which is the Board of Directors of the Republican Party in Virginia, has heart disease. This heart disease causes decisions to be clouded with the SIN of greed and self–righteousness. Decisions are made for self-enrichment, advancement, rather than what is best for the Republican Party and defeating the communists of the Democrat Party.

This disease is created by people in leadership positions of our Party and who’s primary source of income comes from politics.
– Consultants
– Campaign Managers
– Directors
– Printers
– Lawyers
I can go on and on.

The “Political Incorporated”, the professional class of politician’s, unfortunately, are the majority on the RPV SCC. Also many on the RPV SCC and member’s of its subcommittees that have NEVER been elected at a convention by the ordinary Republican base are part of the “Political Incorporated”.

Because of the “Political Incorporated” class on the RPV SCC, it doesn’t represent the thoughts of ordinary Virginians who work for or own small businesses. Most small businesses are not tied to politics and actually produce goods and services, wealth. Most of the Party leadership do not.

Most Northern Virginians do not vote Republican our do not join local committees because many DO NOT SEE people like them from our Party. This starts and ends with the heart. Until there is a change of leadership with people who actually are more like the ordinary public, the Party won’t change and the toboggan slide towards liberal degeneration will continue.

Money feeds and spreads this disease of the heart of our Party. The professional political class feeds off of primaries. A primary increases the demand for the services of political operatives while conventions decrease their demand. The money used to defeat other Republicans goes right into the hands of many on the SCC because they sell their political services to our candidates.

The results of open primaries, in most cases, end up nominating the most liberal candidate because more liberals have access to vote, at taxpayer expense of course. Primaries strengthen the business of the “Political Incorporated” movement within our Party. Primaries better protect incumbents because of name recognition and are financially better prepared for a primary. You end up understanding why we have employees of Congressmen on the RPV SCC.

A primary will make the lurch to the Left easier for this is the preference of many liberals on SCC, in the name of “conservatism” of course. I am for political operatives to make a living but not while they are serving as Party officials or Party leaders which are the source of this disease of the heart.

A convention is one of the largest sources of revenue for the Party to fund its operations. By choosing a primary the RPV will lose $100k by not having a convention in 2018. This important fundraising is to help our Republican candidates who need help.

On Saturday, as expected, the RPV SCC voted 45 to 35, for a primary in order to help their business of politics as usual.

I will not help to feed this professional “Political Incorporated” class if it is in leadership positions in Virginia. If we truly want change we must drain our own swamp in Virginia. We no longer must elect and appoint individuals on the SCC who’s primary source of income comes from politics.

As a small business owner in the private sector, I am not concerned whether my decisions on SCC will help keep my job or get a promotion. I voted to give a greater voice to ordinary people of our Party. I voted for a CONVENTION.

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