//Time for Term Limits in Chesapeake

Time for Term Limits in Chesapeake

While this may seem harmless, there’s a reality that needs to be evaluated.


Chesapeake City Council was recently presented with the option to vote in favor of donating land to the state and spending tax payer money to build a juvenile detention facility within the city limits.  Prior to citizen comments, the City Manager requested that Council delay until October in an effort to allow time to inform the nearby residents.  After hearing two-dozen speakers against the proposal, Council agreed to continue, but to November 21st, with zero discussion.  ZERO.

While this may seem harmless, there’s a reality that needs to be evaluated.

It isn’t a coincidence that the proposal was delayed until TWO DAYS before Thanksgiving.  Obviously, there will be limited attendance and coverage on this specific Tuesday. Rather than making a proper vote, Council is obviously more focused on preserving their reputations.

In addition to this cowardly behavior, remember that our Mayor is on the ballot for Clerk of Court on November 7th.

This delay is ultimately an effort to protect the Mayor and secure his $150,000 per year retirement plan.  With eight-ninths of Council being members of the Republican Party of Chesapeake, there’s no doubt that this maneuver is a group effort to promote the party’s agenda.  Chesapeake residents deserve transparency and honesty.  The solution to this deceit is term limits that will keep politicians from hiding behind popularity and protect residents from the influence of political parties.  Soon Chesapeake residents will awaken, tell career politicians that time is up, and push for term limits on ALL locally elected officials. Term limits would surely put an end to out of touch politicians.

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David Schleeper
The grandson of a former Mayor, I grew up on a farm in Chesapeake, Virginia where we raised corn, wheat, and soy beans. Following high school, I went on to Old Dominion University where I earned a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and later a Master's of Science in Aerospace Engineering. As a lover of Chesapeake, I returned home following college and now reside in the Grassfield area and commute to the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility where I am a Cryogenics Engineer. In addition to being a State-licensed Professional Engineer, I also manage a small engineering consulting business. My lifelong adoration for Chesapeake, lead me to become a member of the Historic Preservation Commission as well as the Historical and Architectural Review Board, where I fight daily to recognize, preserve, and commemorate the distinct cultures and heritage of my hometown. I also serve as the Vice-President of Get Smart of Chesapeake, an after school mentoring program based out of Oscar Smith High. When not volunteering, my wife Amy and I enjoy spending time with our families, our dogs, and each other.