//Continued losses by Republicans Letter to RPV Chairman Whitbeck

Continued losses by Republicans Letter to RPV Chairman Whitbeck

“While the Va College Republicans were in

public defiance of not supporting President

Trump under your leadership, their

counterparts were actively organizing for

Hillary even though many were Sanders





You won’t hear this from Matt Ames, but many Deplorables were working the precincts for the Fairfax SB race. They were on the ground texting me the numbers and I was then forwarding them to Steve Buckingham. I personally went to several precincts to report back to Steve and Ken what I was seeing in turnout.Ken Nunnenkamp was also a great help assisting with this race.

I worked with Steve Buckingham (FCRC Exec Director) on this race and he did the best he could considering the resources he had to help Chris. He worked very hard to help Chris using his own ability and expertise to get him help. Steve is a refreshing addition to the FCRC committee because he actually likes and supports our President.The previous Executive Director, David Ramadan’s former legislative assistant, had openly told volunteers not to support President Trump during the election.

While the Va College Republicans were in public defiance of not supporting President Trump under your leadership, their counterparts were actively organizing for Hillary even though many were Sanders supporters. This is a major flaw within the Republican Party when any group under the organizational chart of the RPV even thinks it is OK to be openly defiant in support of our Republican nominee for President. As we speak there is a member of the PWCGOP Ex Com who feels it is OK to openly trash President Trump during committee meetings. This is what happens when there is a lack of leadership and enforcement of party rules from the top down. The Va Rep Party Plan should never be used as a multiple choice exercise on who gets sanctioned and who does not for violations.

Now the Va College Democrats are networking with their counterparts in DC and Maryland to come across the bridge and help with the Va statewide races. Other units in Democrat strongholds, as well as outside groups, are organizing to cross into Republican strongholds to assist with all of their candidates running for office in Va.

This is nothing new to you, John. I have been feeding you and others this Intel and it has been met with on deaf ears because it is easier to do nothing and dismiss what I am warning you and the Party about than to react and organize. None of what the Democrats are doing is rocket science. It is all about leadership and organizing which the Republican Party seem to be consistently deficient at.

The Arlington Young Democrats once again were out in full force helping the Fairfax Democrat Party cover every single precinct in the recent Fairfax SB race. Reports came into me on Election Day that the Democrats were out in Republican precincts knocking on the doors the morning of the SB race making sure their supporters got out and voted, while at the same time handing out literature. Other reports came in that Democrats drove voters to the polls.

Every Democrat precinct had a tent set up for their precinct workers while many Deplorables and other activists stood in the rain for hours helping Chris. Tents are not expensive and are probably on sale now that the swim team season is over. Why not take a small portion of the money coming into Va to help the RNC choice for Governor Ed Gillespie and purchase for each GOP committee unit enough of these tents to cover their precincts? Volunteers should not be expected to purchase tents for their precinct. It is the least we can do for these volunteers who were willing to come out in the pouring rain to support the Republican nominee.

I received an email today from a hard-working Trump loyalist, former federal law enforcement officer, who stood out in the rain for Chris and organized his group for the Fairfax SB election. His email sums up what many who are politically savvy view Matt Ames recent email about the SB loss as “The Loser’s Handout of Excuses.”

What is the magic number of races loss by Republicans that a change will take place in the “Republican Model?” This one was bad. We lost by over 20,000 votes in a special election.President Trump can’t keep being the “boogeyman” for establishment Republicans on why we are losing races.

I want to thank Chris Grisafe for stepping up to the plate to run for office.He was willing to take on what would turn out to be an uphill battle for him and remained respectful and a gentleman throughout the race.I also want to thank all of the Deplorables, and the many volunteers who worked hard for Chris during and on Election Day.


Donna Widawski

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