//Ending The Hush Money

Ending The Hush Money

The question is who got paid off and who knew about it?

In recent news, tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars have been discovered being used as hush money for Congress members accused of sexual harassment. As much as $17 million has been paid to conceal the multiple allegations. These alleged accusers have also been required to sign nondisclosure agreements to ensure the matter remains private. You can read HERE, HERE, and HERE for such reporting articles.

The question is who got paid off and who knew about it?

Apparently, sexual harassment is one issue that is bipartisan as Democrats and Republicans agree to protect themselves from incrimination. Both Party’s are willing to write legislation to exempt lawmakers and their staff from just about anything but refuse to promote regulations that guard the very people they represent from much of anything. The only objective that is remotely popular is undermining President Trump and throating his pro-America agenda.

But one candidate in Virginia is willing to call out a Virginia Congresswoman. Shak Hill candidate for the 10th congressional district demands explanations and the list of names. Rep. Barbara Comstock is a member of the House Administration Committee that approves such funds and until now has been silent. What caused Congresswoman Comstock to suddenly become incensed? Could it be that the very committee she sits on has sanctioned and condoned such behavior is now in the limelight?

Establishment Republicans are willing to condemn Roy Moore for just being accused. Where is their wrath for this? Where is Mitch McConnell’s cry for the proverbial “heads will roll” on this? These questions and more require an answer.

Shak Hills public statement as previously reported is below.

Barbara Comstock Needs to Release the Sexual Misconduct Names Now and Answer Questions for Her Gross Negligence

Centreville, VA – Shak Hill releases the following statement on the sexual misconduct slush fund paid by the Committee on House Administration, of which Barbara Comstock is a member.

“Barbara Comstock sits on the very committee that approves these slush fund payouts and is in the particular position to know the exact details of each of these payouts. Yet, Comstock pretends to be for transparency as it relates to the groundbreaking revelations of Congressional sexual misconduct. Barbara Comstock, despite her faux outrage, has been a member of the Committee on House Administration ever since she has been a member of Congress. From her time on the committee, that committee has authorized the payment of 36 different settlements to victims or alleged victims of Congressional sexual misconduct for a total sum of $2 million in taxpayer dollars.

I find the very notion of this practice to be reprehensible, a disgrace to our way of life, and something that is an embarrassment not only to Barbara Comstock but to the U.S. Congress.

The fact that Barbara is now touting a bill to prevent this practice in the future is not only a joke, it is completely disingenuous. She has known about this practice for years and helped protect the sexual predators – not the victims. Now that this “hush money” has become known to the American people, she has decided to pretend she cares.

I call on Barbara Comstock to immediately release the names of every person who has received the benefit and protection from this committee. She knows the names and is lying when she says she doesn’t. Hush money does not get allocated without her committee’s approval.

Barbara Comstock was put on this Committee on House Administration to protect congressional leadership and to cover up the dirty laundry of the United States Congress, not the victims. If a truly principled conservative was on that committee, they would have exposed this years ago.

I also demand Barbara Comstock to answer the following in the spirit of transparency and the rule of law:

-What was her role in the 36 different settlements and $2 million in taxpayer money that have gone through her committee since she has been a member?
-Why has she called for Roy Moore to get out of the race yet has stayed silent on John Conyers continued presence in Congress?
-Was John Conyers one of the predator cases that went through Barbara’s committee?
-Who else received settlements and why isn’t Barbara calling for them to step down from the United States Congress?
-If she really cares about the victims, why didn’t she expose this previously, instead of being part of the cover-up?

Barbara must answer these questions and explain her involvement in these highly questionable situations.”

Shak Hill is a candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, a businessman, and an Air Force combat veteran.


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