//Admonishing You To Believe, Not Concede

Admonishing You To Believe, Not Concede

“Do not offer me, what is rightfully mine, if I choose to stand and fight for what I believe in!”

Let’s talk about the fashionable trend, of starting off contests, by telling your opponents, that you have all the votes, all the money, and all the future! If any of this was fact, there would be no need for votes, lobbying, Blogs, or no-it-alls, of no-it alls!

I recall as a boy, playing a game called Lier’s poker, my Dog can outrun your Dog, my Dad can out arm wrestle yours, etc., and the loser would be, the first person to crack, and start laughing.

When I hear people saying, “No way we can win, better take what crumbs are offered us for our vote, ” I think of this game, and wish I could tell them, “If you quit in your mind, before you even make the field, there’ no need for your opponents to try further!

Do you recall, the Biblical Story of a young future King David, who, when admonished by his Brothers not to be foolish enough to do combat with the Philistine champion, Goliath, cheerfully rose to the challenge?

It was his attitude, that prepared him for what everyone told him would be certain death. For his part, David couldn’t see any other outcome, except overcoming and winning, against all odds, and all the conventional wisdom of the time.

My Cowboy philosopher friend, (The late Dale Stewart) told me once, “if a bear gets after you in the wood, and you run as hard as you can, but he still catches you, there is no shame, in being his guest for lunch.”

MAKE SURE YOU TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN, AND NEVER GIVE UP was his simple but true message.

Regarding the articles being written, that the SCC chair is already decided, and we should not fight, but accept the crumbs offered, I say “do not offer me, what is rightfully mine, if I choose to stand and fight for what I believe in!”

I have heard several people now, say they could see themselves voting differently if 5 or 6 others changed their minds. I tell you, you are one of these people, and others have already done so! With your leadership, more will join . Stand up, fight!

 The Vote you take on the future of our leadership, is not just for that day, but many decisions to come, many that you will bear responsibility for, if the wrong decision is made.

Many people believe in, and follow you, there is no shame, if you try your best, and come up short. I don’t believe you will receive mercy from your foes, if you give up what little fight you have now, you will receive none if you cede the contest to them.

My Friend Chuck Smith, is an accomplished Man. a  Marine, and JAG officer, former Chair Of the Va Beach Republican unit, has name recognition, is conservative, and will be a foe to those who practice Identity politics. His election will receive attention, across the nation.

Finally, ask yourself, If the current forces in leadership of our party wanted to serve, and not create uncertainty in our party, why are they refusing to take any action until the Fall? If they have all the votes they say, what possible reason to wait, when the new leader could be out, right now, advocating for our Candidates? will this serve to further divide, or unite us?

   Our candidates need support and advocacy right now, not a graceful surrender in the fall.

Apologizing for the length, but Thanking you for your valuable time and consideration, and admonishing you to believe, not concede, and…FIGHT!

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