//A Letter To Virginia Republicans

A Letter To Virginia Republicans

Then let me put it to you this way. You don’t have to love Corey. You don’t have to like Corey, you can hate Corey.

For several months of campaigning in the primary, we saw blood on blood Republican infighting that hit all new lows. We’ve seen bans, muting, and a blocking on Facebook here or there. The primary has been over for roughly two months now. Yet still, we fight each other. We smear each other. We even hate each other. Many though are still doing all three to the nominee. Yes, that man whom many loathe as a vulgarian bigot and many others see as Trump’s mini-me, Corey Stewart. Corey is not without his flaws ( name a man that is?).

He has taken some photos of horrible people under the guise of not knowing their real agenda. If you think that shows poor judgment, just remember Tom Garrett got duped that day as well. Yes, he did call Paul Nehlen a hero. At the time though, half the Anti-Paul Ryan camp including Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity were praising him. Then we all started seeing the crazy tweets. The ones that have stolen from “Protocols of the elders of Zion”.

Everyone dropped him then. However because Corey is Corey, many acted as if he’s supposed to host a press conference and apologize like Randy Marsh in the classic “South Park” episode “With apologies to Jesse Jackson”. This only proves how little he cares about these people to give them free press. The President was the same way with the David Duke situation. 20 years and disavowal and it’s never good enough, so why let them dictate your agenda? Unlike those who play nothing but safe, Corey went full hellraiser and won the primary in a close victory. He even called State Delegate Frietas to commend him on a hard-fought effort.

Since then, so much has changed. An RPV chair resigned, an indifferent RNC, negative naysaying posts, and now even worse Delegate Frietas has yet to endorse and campaign for Corey Stewart. Though I’ve never run for office being on the losing side is a reality in this state as a Republican since Bob McDonnell’s landslide over what’s his name? Yeah, I forgot too. Since then we’ve yet to win a statewide election. We’ve run George Allen, Ken Cuccinelli, and Ed Gillespie twice. All have come up short, especially Gillespie who got fewer votes than his running mate Senator Jill Vogel. Think about the people they’ve been beaten by. Such silver-tongued devils like Terry McAuliffe, Mark Warner, and for the second time if we don’t get our act together, Tim Kaine. If that’s not enough to get you and our fellow conservatives together on Election Day?

Then let me put it to you this way. You don’t have to love Corey. You don’t have to like Corey, you can hate Corey.

You cannot though, stay home and let it keep you from voting Republican. There are bigger things than the candidate at stake. Our gun rights, border security, tax cuts, removal of criminal aliens, repealing Obamacare, and securing this presidency from a kangaroo impeachment trial, for which we know Tim Kaine perform an Irish jig on the Senate floor. This election isn’t about Corey Stewart or even some of his supporters that engage in keyboard warfare to an extreme. Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of that crime. This election is about giving Trump backup and insurance against a deep state. A deep state that seeks to do to him what they’ve done to every man who threatened the system. Even some in this party actively fight him, despite this he wins. But with more support, his agenda can be fully realized. Corey for better or worse is the only option. When it comes to the essentials of Conservatism and the MAGA agenda, Corey embodies it and then some. I’ll end it with this thought. The favorite closer song for Trump rallies is the Stones classic:

” You can’t always get what you want”. The lyrics then follow “But you get what you need”. Well, Corey Stewart may not have the movie star looks of Nick Frietas. He may not have the fiery oratory skills of E.W. Jackson. But what we need isn’t looks or personality. We need a man that we know will be there for our president and the mandate we gave him to lead this nation to greatness again.

Until next time, God bless you all. God bless America.

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