//RPV We Want A Forum!

RPV We Want A Forum!


Doing nothing this summer, is evidence enough for many to see, that there is more than one agenda afoot.

Please find this letter of response, to my Friends in Lancaster County, who suggest, why not have a forum? Why not have the interested candidates stand in front of the SCC, and explain their vision for our future? Their past efforts on our behalf? A  plan they intend to implement, to reverse our history of Graciously non-winning?

Why not have a debate,  to see who leads our party? There is a school of thought out there, that reasons somehow, allowing _______ to just ascend to the leadership, will allow a convention in 2 years. Why should we assume people will be nicer when they have more power if they’re not reasonable now when they are weaker? This is not meant to vilify anyone, just a system that hasn’t produced a win in so long, we begin to question its real purpose!

Will a secret vote, behind closed doors, serve to instill us with confidence?

I think we should encourage all we know, to write, and call, not only our Chair, but each of our district reps (Can be found on SCC site), and ask, why not a debate?  They represent us, and that is a reasonable request. Anyone who refuses to listen, should ask, who it are they represent? and act accordingly. We could get lapel pins that read “I know best, just ask me !” so we would not confuse them for reasonable people, should we meet in public.
All of us face the day, we begin to believe our own press, and look back to find no one else, is following. Checks and Balances are healthy and good for everyone.

Doing nothing this summer, is evidence enough for many to see, that there is more than one agenda afoot.

We have all seen the time, where we watched operatives, of the mass mailing, influence selling campaign machines. These entities really didn’t care who wins, as long as there was money to be made on the next contest.

Whatever we are doing, it hasn’t worked in any Statewide contests, as far back as anyone can remember.

If we were professional baseball pitchers (or anything else really,) either our coaches would lead us to the dugout, or risk being led there, themselves.

Not to try, is an indictment on us all!

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