//Forget Kate’s law. Time to pass Dutton’s law!

Forget Kate’s law. Time to pass Dutton’s law!

We hear a lot of talk about immigration, every night on Fox and CNN. However as much as we voice our anger and decry the current system, we have failed to list a set of priorities to deal with criminal aliens in the United States. It’s as if Kate’s law, has been forgotten by Republicans. When this is one name brand piece of legislation that could rally even the most Trumpsceptic apolitical soccer mom, to vote for the GOP this midterm.

No suburban or urban mother can possibly argue with the basic concept of arresting criminal aliens, deporting, and banning them from the country. However Mitch McConnell, because of his rare streak of bravery in the Kavanaugh case, has blinded many to the fact that he’s still Mitch McConnell.

Also, the MIA Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has done nothing, to push through this piece of legislation, even though Kevin McCarthy, the Establishment favorite to succeed him has shown more enthusiasm to support the President on the immigration/border front. Make no mistakes, McConnell and Ryan, still don’t give a damn about the will of the people. Even more disappointing is that the President isn’t bringing this law up. A part of me believes he’s not raised this legislation, because he knows that neither one of these clowns will lift a finger to help him. That’s why Trump needs to raise this issue and force their hands in the next two weeks. However there is something even better than Kate’s, and it’s already being fast-tracked in the land down under.

In the last 24 hours, the government of Australia is fast-tracking a new immigration/crime bill. The leader of this legislative push is Home Secretary Peter Dutton. A man who before becoming a successful businessman and politician, served for a decade as a Brisbane Police Officer, specializing in narcotics and sex crimes. Having seen the impact of foreign criminals have done to his beloved country, up close and personal.

Since his election to parliament in 2001, he has raised many eyebrows in his belief of a strong Austrailian nationalist identity. This likely successful legislative push, to enact the harshest immigration laws towards criminal aliens in the country, puts Kate’s law to shame. This is saying something for a nation, that under both Liberal and Labor governments, has been hardline towards those violating its sovereignty and restrictive to those seeking permanent residence, to protect the physical and economic security of native Australians.

Under the new law, Non-citizens who violate even the most minor of misdemeanors will automatically be stripped of Visa/Asylum status, deported, and banned permanently from reentry to the country. The law does not just apply to adults, but also juveniles. Who in the past, have been allowed to stay for even extreme violent crimes. The fact that it would convict juveniles for committing crimes, is a crucial part. Especially, should we enact similar laws here? This would nullify and destroy the DACA program, which has been upheld in long court battles. It would also permanently ban those who committed Visa fraud and overstayed from ever being able to legally re-enter the country.


Another crucial part of the legislation is the immediate deportation of all those who illegally enter Australia. No long trials just hit the road jack, don’t you caravan no more, no more. This should be the blueprint for a Trump administration immigration enforcement bill. One that, if it were to include a fully funded wall, will seal his presidency as the greatest in the Post-Cold War era. So when we win in the next two weeks, let’s take a lesson from our Aussie friends, get a testosterone shot for Mitch McConnell, maybe one for Kevin McCarthy, and pass Dutton’s law.

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