//Dee-mon For City Council

Dee-mon For City Council

Voting for her is voting for a monster. A dee-mon, if you will.

I’m going to go ahead and apologize for the length of my statement. However, I felt it necessary to introduce myself ahead of the much-anticipated election. I am Dee Oliver’s stepdaughter. Although Dee has gone to extreme lengths to keep me quiet, I cannot in good conscience stay silent with so much at stake.

My father, Boyd Melchor, started dating Dee while my parents were separated. Surprisingly, I actually really liked Dee during this time. I was aware that many people did not like her and she had a “mean girl” reputation but she was very warm and maternal towards me, she even told me she loved me as one of her own. It wasn’t until six mere months after my parents’ divorce was finalized that Dee and my dad got engaged. It wasn’t until then that I saw the real Dee.

I voiced my concern over their three-month engagement and she became very passive aggressive and cold towards me. Several people close to her warned me to get my dad out at any cost. The tension was thick and finally came to a head, my dad kicked me out of my house and told me he picked Dee over me. I did not take it well, I was and am still extremely hurt. They ended up getting married two weeks later, I was not invited. Since then, it has gotten worse and worse.

Dee sold family heirlooms and some of my mom’s belongings on the NextDoor App. I haven’t been in my house since that day my dad kicked me out. I would have to meet my dad at gas stations if I wanted to see him. If I called him and she was in earshot he would say “I’m sorry you have the wrong number” and call me back minutes later. I became depressed and lost weight. My dad hired me a personal trainer at Princess Anne so that I could gain weight. He must not have had Dee’s permission because the hour after she saw me there I got a call from him that I was “causing problems” and was no longer allowed to go.

In 2016, I moved to New York to attend the Culinary Institute of America. It was my dream to graduate, work in the city, and finally come home and be mentored by my dad to one day be able to take over the family restaurant, Kelly’s Tavern. I finished my first year strong, completed my 600-hour externship at a Michelin Star restaurant in NYC with a perfect score. I had six months left of school when Dee decided it was unacceptable for my dad to continue funding my education.

My father privately told my mother that he felt horrible about not being able to pay for my tuition and offered to reimburse me. My mom brought it up in front of Dee and she freaked out. She said, in front of my mother and father, that Boyd will not be paying a dime for me, that I was friendless, too ugly to obtain my “MRS degree”, crazy, and that she will be happy to see me struggle. “Let’s see if she can strut around with her blonde, blonde hair and her Louis Vuitton (a gift from my parents) then HA”. She also threatened to send me to jail and how bad I will look in an orange jumpsuit. My dad told my mom that while he agreed with me that she had gone too far and that I had done nothing wrong, he was not in the position to fight her on it. She said either cut her off, or we are getting a divorce. I think we know how that ended up.

Since then, my family home, the house that was my mom’s dream home that my dad bought for her, that I was supposed to inherit, has been put on the market. Many of you reading this may think I am holding the wrong person accountable. That my dad is a deadbeat and should be the focus of my anger. Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY mad and very hurt by my dad. But I have always been a daddy’s girl, I have idolized him my whole life. I love him unconditionally, regardless if that love isn’t reciprocated or even respected.

You might also think that “yeah, this all sucks, but what does it have to do with Dee’s politics?” you’re right, it isn’t about her politics- its speaks of her character. Voting for her is voting for a monster. A dee-mon, if you will. Any person, let alone a mother, or a “Christian”, that is not only just okay with breaking up a family but actually encourages it, is a morally repugnant person.

I guess if I were to make this about her politics I would have to say that I know she claims to put the homeless as one of her first priorities, yet when my brother was homeless, living out of his car, starving, freezing in Colorado she did NOTHING to help him. I also know that she claims to be a small business owner—what small business is that? Because the last time I checked I believe her own brothers in law pushed her out of their family business because they couldn’t stand her.

Dee—when you talk about the needs of writing paychecks for your “staff”, are you referring to the women that blow out your hair? The maid that irons your sheets? I hardly call this owning a business. In fact, in your interview on CBN (min 7:31) in 2015, you admitted that you were currently unemployed. You also completed your mortuary apprenticeship at Riddick Funeral home—why not do it at your family’s funeral home? Especially since it’s yours, right?

Dee has used the good ole boy network to try to silence me. She has used her money and influence to obtain powerful lawyers and judges to manipulate the justice system and I think it really highlights how twisted our local government is and how it so desperately needs change.


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