//“Despotism”, “A Political System Where The Ruler Holds Absolute Power.”

“Despotism”, “A Political System Where The Ruler Holds Absolute Power.”

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May 28, 2019

June 7, 2019

June 7, 2019


  One law and two sets of rules, means we have no law.  

As we near what should be the end of the nominations process for the 97th House District, what a surprise to receive another cryptic notice of a “ruling”, that once again turns everything, and everyone upside down.  To be told that the “Appeals Committee”, met by telephone, without notice without the benefit of a messy opposing view, without signatures, so that we might know who proudly stands behind the ruling, does anything but inspire credibility.

I believe, the 1st  member of the appeals committee, was Mike Thomas, an officer in the Mcguire Woods Consulting company, which has donated substantially to the Peace campaign and has a financial interest. The Second is our Chairman Wilson, who in direct defiance of the ruling of 1st CDC, that Scott Wyatt is the nominee, continues to ignore, and refuses to act accordingly. The Third is Senator Cosgrove, who purportedly voted against the motion, and a fourth mystery caller. I cannot be sure of this, as the text of the edict, and not the details have been sent out.

Their convened phone meeting, which is the very definition of non-transparency,  obviously serves to overturn the “Ruling”, of General Council Marston, who would not go far enough, to overturn the 80 to 1 vote, by the Hanover Republican Committee, to remove their Chair. This potentially triggers a domino effect, in the hopes of leading to a pronouncement of Chris Peace, as our nominee. (I have already received such a message from the self-proclaimed new chair, of the new 97th LDC .) 

It is further disturbing, that Chairman Wilson mocked Chairman-elect Collette (and supporters of our President,) by saying, ” are you hosting a Trump announcement watch party?”, on social media, later that same evening. 

With the intoxicating power of the gavel, (and apparent the ability to defy, overrule, and do about anything he wants) Chairmanship Wilson also confidently also stated, “He didn’t need any Luck”.

We the member of the Republican party could use some. We should be so lucky, that our SCC members will find their strength, and their voices, to stand up and assert once again the rule of law, and adherence to our plan.

The provision that the decision of an official body(1st CDC), is the ruling until overturned by contest and successful appeal, is not ambiguous.

One law and two sets of rules, means we have no law.  

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