//Turning It Over To The Democrats?

Turning It Over To The Democrats?

Regardless of what has happened, to let the past force us into unwise choices only serves those that oppose us.

Regarding the 97th,
As I write to a friend about his concerns that we might be electing the opposite parties nominee as an act of defiance, I am reminded of two things. First, the false narrative of a great injustice done to the 97th during its late nominations event. Secondly, the idea that it would be better to elect the opposition rather than accept change, is just plain crazy.
Lest we forget, when Obamacare was first proposed, it took trickery, deception and finally brute partisan effort, to impose it on the Nation. The architects of the plan bragged openly of the need for the public to be fooled. We were told we could keep our Doctors. In the end, despite not receiving a single Republican vote, it was passed by a Democratic Congress, who, true to form, forgot all about reaching across the aisle, once they solidified power.

Obamacare has always been unpopular in our district, with so many that understand very little good comes from growing big government, or programs designed to redistribute what we have. Our Delegate, after years of holding the line with his fellow Virginia conservatives, broke ranks and voted with the opposition, period. Looking back, trying to explain that it was the only way to survive, as the other side couldn’t be beaten, is tantamount to arriving on the field of battle, and surrendering before the fight begins.

Now that the District has shown its dislike for expansion of Obamacare, we are subjected to messages siting “70 percent of Virginians think it was a good idea”, without given details of how the question was asked, and to whom.  While not the only reason, this is symptomatic, of why so many, finally found their voices and voted for change. Look at the amount of money, that was spent by the prospective campaigns, during the nominations process (available at VPAP), with the incumbent outspending the challenger 5, 6 to 1, and still coming up short.  The sitting Delegate’s list of donors, looks like the honor roll of special interests, law and lobbying firms, including elements of leadership at the highest level, in our own party. All that money and support, along with hiring the best of the worst consultants, didn’t change, the outcome.

When the delegates to the convention were certified, there was no legal way, to undo the process, try as they might. Edicts from the leadership, lawyers injected into the role of representatives, outright defiance of the rulings of the  Congressional District, creation of their own process after boycotting the convention, only prolonged, but in the end changed nothing. All the units were told that the Convention was valid, was on, and despite all the pleading, messaging and outreach, some were fooled, by their own candidate, into not participating.

Regardless of what has happened, to let the past force us into unwise choices only serves those that oppose us.

For my second point, there will be only 2 names on our ballot in the fall, Our Scott Wyatt, and the Democrat. Wyatt’s courage to stand up in the face of all this is a testimony to his strength, and belief in Conservative principles, and behavior.  Know that our Governor,(also a Democrat), has advocated for making Virginia a sanctuary State. He has convened a special session to weaken our 2nd amendment rights, has advocated for Abortion procedures, after birth, and only needs a simple majority, to make these things a reality, for Virginia.  Voters and Lobbyist, who foolishly contemplate endorsement of the Democrat, to make a statement of defiance, risk loss of our Right to work Law, and more Government intervention, and regulation in our lives, (which are goals of the Democrats,) should they gain power. In closing, I tell you that I am voting for Scott Wyatt, and remind you, that to do anything else, only gives strength to our opponents, who gleefully hope, you won’t do the right thing. Join Me!

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